Theresa O’Connor


These are slides from or videos of presentations I’ve given over the years.

2020 WebKit Standards Positions 2020 WebKit Contributors Meeting
2014 Designing Responsive Web Experiences WWDC
2012 HTML, CSS, and DOM for Book Authors WWDC
2010 Node.js SD Ruby
toppcloud Django San Diego
2009 node.js and djangode
HTML 5 for the Working Web: features you can use today Ignite San Diego
HTML 5 and webOS development preDevCamp San Diego
Processing real-world HTML: a quick introduction to html5lib Django San Diego/SD Ruby joint meeting
Extensibility, HTML, and the Web ecosystem BarCamp San Diego 5
2008 What Merb can learn from Django (video) MerbCamp
Reflections on DjangoCon Django San Diego
Pratical HTML5 San Diego Web Standards Group
2007 Personal unit testing BarCamp San Diego 2
Anglospheric governance for online communities BarCamp San Diego 2
Personal unit testing BarCamp Los Angeles 4
What to expect from HTML5 BarCamp San Diego
2006 Roll your own standards body BarCamp Los Angeles 2
Web standards Refresh San Diego
2005 Auto-discovery of consensus tags for events Tag Camp