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Souvenir yarn

One of the things I miss about international business travel is the fun of finding interesting local yarn stores in whichever town I find myself, so that I can buy some yarn for Erin as a gift.

When in Tokyo, I always make a point of heading out to Shimokita to shop at Puppy (and to get a Gibraltar from Bear Pond). I rely on this yarn weights guide (PDF) to translate American colloquial terms and CYC Weight Standard terms into the terms they use in Japan. In case the PDF disappears, I've reproduced what I need to remember in this table:

Converting American yarn weights to Japanese
laceweightLace (0)ごくぼそgokuboso
light fingering, fingering, sock, babySuper Fine (1)ぼそgōboso? aiboso?I'm not sure about the reading for the first character. It's probably ごう or あい.
sport, DKFine (2)ちゅうぼそchūboso
DK, light worstedLight (3)ぶとgōbuto? aibuto?Same question as above.
worsted, AranMedium (4)なみぶとnamibuto
bulky, rugBulky (5)ごくぶとgokubuto
super bulky, rovingSuper Bulky (6)ちょうごくぶとchōgokubuto

La Droguerie is an incredibly wonderful yarn store in Paris, though I've found it pretty intimidating to navigate solo.

I would seriously consider buying a cheesy Paris tourist T-shirt that said “I survived buying yarn at La Droguerie” if such a shirt existed.

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One of my most memorable searches for a local yarn store was in Hong Kong. The first couple I tried to find near Causeway Bay were either closed or no longer existed. Ryosuke and I ended up in Kowloon, where we found a yarn store, though the language barrier was a challenge.