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Years in review: 201320142015

Erin and I went to the annual ceremony at the Golden Hydrant at the southwest corner of Dolores Park.

108 years later. @kirinqueen's photo

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Colin (a college friend of mine) got married in Colorado.

When we got back to San Francisco, I didn't even leave the airport, because I immediately had to go to Seoul for a CSS WG meeting.

We subscribed to a CSA:

Rusty continued to be the best doggy ever:

This is the best thing ever posted to the Internet: @kirinqueen's video

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Rusty the dog businessman is the best dog businessman. #therustyshow

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Erin and I went to Vancouver on vacation:

Seaplanes are awesome. That is all.

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While there, I wrote the longobjection:

On vacation, so I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing a formal objection. Wait, what?

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Longdesc is not only a poor technical solution to the problem it purports to solve, it is also a redundant one.

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Later in the year I went to France, so I was able to go to The Cascade in Vancouver and La Cascade in Antibes in the same year:

We went as Marty and the Doc for Halloween:

For some reason @kirinqueen doesn’t want me to be Sexy Ice Bucket Challenge for Halloween this year.

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Our Star Trek fan club continued to be a hell of a lot of fun:

Patrick and Lisa got married.

Some photos from a visit to Boston:

Some random thoughts about the web: