Theresa O’Connor


Years in review: 201220132014

San Francisco continued to surprise and delight us:

Rusty joined our family:

I went to Japan again, this time to Tokyo.

Erin and I joined the USS Loma Prieta, a Star Trek fan club based in San Francisco:

I’m on helm & @kirinqueen is our communications officer. Let’s do this thing. #Battlestations

@hober ·

Chilling on the bridge of the @USSLomaPrieta, wearing 3D printed glasses. Like you do.

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Folk in SF should come play @ArtemisSBS with the crew of the @USSLomaPrieta on 8/3: It will be epic!! #battlestations

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I also started playing Star Trek Online:

Have been trying to get this to work: Wii Classic Controller →USB adapter →Mac running 10.8 →Wine →Star Trek Online. Doesn’t quite work. :-/

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Erin and I went back to Paris.

I went to China for the first time.

And continued to do various web standards thingies: