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Years in review: 201120122013

Erin and I continued to be adorable:

Yup, @kirinqueen and I got each other the same Valentine's Day card.

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SpaceUp SF happened:

Bay Area people: @SpaceUpSF is this weekend, and it's going to be extremely awesome. I hope you can make it!

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I biked to work for the first time.

Really enjoyed riding from Redwood City to Cupertino yesterday morning with the @sf2g crew. Also enjoyed *not* doing so today. :)

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I spoke at WWDC:

Missed @levarburton’s lunch talk today; I spent that time hyperventilating and waiting in line at Blue Bottle. I’m told my talk went wellish

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I went to Germany for a CSS meeting.

I proposed <img srcset> and position: sticky:

<img srcset="foo-hires.jpg 2x" src="foo-lowres.jpg" alt="responsive bitmapped content images, yo">

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"position: sticky" anybody?

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I took the CSS WG on a pub crawl in San Diego:

Taking the @csswg on @DrinkAbout, like you do.

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We went to France in the fall.

And several Brians (my oldest friend, and my cousin) each got married:

Happy New Year, everybody, from the crew of cousins here at @ShamrockSports' Brian's wedding:

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