Theresa O’Connor


Years in review: 201020112012

I left my job at Teradata because I took a position on the WebKit team at Apple.

Erin and I moved to San Francisco.

Our San Diego friends gave us an unforgettable going away party.

I started my new job and began attending meetings all around the world.

I went to Japan for the first time, for a CSS WG meeting in Kyoto. I took Erin and we had a wonderful time.

I got roped into helping to plan another SpaceUp:

Looks like I'm coming out of @SpaceUpConf planning retirement for @SpaceUpSF. Very nice to meet @spacemansam @Marimikel et al. today. :)

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I believe this tweet is the first public mention of the Alex Russell drinking game:

Our pub quiz team, “The Alex Russell Drinking Game,” is about to kick ass at @thesycamoresf: @mattbo @kirinqueen @annevk @run4adventure & me

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