Theresa O’Connor


Years in review: 200720082009

I thought 2008 would be the year of output, and it may have been that, under some measurements anyway. I certainly blogged less than in prior years, but twittered quite a bit more, so there you go.


Over the course of late 2007 and early 2008, Erin and I became regulars at Stout. It's there we spent Paddy's Day, and later in the year I built their website with Django and Google App Engine.

In February I kicked off Django San Diego, our local Django user group. The inaugural meeting was allegedly a big success—I was snowed in at Kirkwood and missed it. In April we kicked off the San Diego Web Standards Group with an epic session at the office of SuggestionBox in Solana Beach. I gave a talk about HTML5.

In March I met Derek Featherstone, Jeremy Keith, Anne van Kesteren, and Keith Robinson at a microformats dinner, during which we hatched the plan for the ultimate rickroll.

In October I spoke at MerbCamp (slides).

In December several of us launched a design blog, 50ft.


In May I took on a contract with Teradata, which in February 2009 turned into a full-time position. What does the job entail? I spend my days slinging jQuery. Good times.


We visited Matt and Lindsay in Seattle twice (photos from the first time and the second time).

We were back in Massachusetts for Jerod's wedding in July, after which we headed north through Vermont and Quebec and spent time in Montreal. (Erin's photos, my photos)

In September I attended the first DjangoCon up at Google, which doubled as a great excuse to see all of my SF Bay Area people. Later that month we went down Cape for Kathleen's 30th.

In November we went camping at Joshua Tree with Mel, Reed, and the rest of the gang.

December saw us embarking on the 12 Pubs of Christmas before heading back to Boston for the holidays.