Theresa O’Connor


Years in review: 200620072008

Erin and I kicked off 2007 by welcoming our niece Autumn to the world. June saw us at my 10-year high school reunion, just before heading to Ireland & Scotland with my family [Erin’s photos]. We celebrated our second anniversary in July. Erin turned 30 this year, so we had a big party and went to see Travis (her favorite band) when they were in town.

In May I left Eventful and started freelancing for Parker Wallace. In September I started taking my personal unit tests, and got written up at lifehacker about it.

Planet Emacsen continued to be really successful, while I closed up shop at

On the geek event front, I helped run our first two San Diego BarCamps, as well as San Diego’s first two Lunch 2.0s. I missed BarCamp LA 3, but made it up for BarCamp LA 4. While in Ireland, I attended Galway’s first OpenCoffee Club. Erin and I went to the XKCD mystery event in North Cambridge [her photos].

We were in Pittsburgh in May for Curtis & Cecile’s wedding, and in September we hit up LA for Steve & Elicia’s. I wore the kilt I bought in Edinburgh to their wedding. October saw San Diego burn and the Sox win the World Series (again!). I went as Doctor Who for Halloween.

Many friends moved away, and one moved back. We lost Laurel to San Francisco, but said goodbye with an awesome camping trip. Matt and Lindsay moved to Seattle, but came back to town for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We hosted them while in town, and put Mathew (in from Alabama) & Amanda up for the between-Christmas-and-NYE period.

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