Theresa O’Connor


Years in review: 200520062007

Life in San Diego continued to rock, with much holiday fun, tasty concoctions, and the occasional television spot and jumbotron appearance. Erin and I hung out with the director of the Irish baseball movie when it played in town. We read several books in a book club with friends, including the incomparable Lud-in-the-Mist.

We went to Cape Cod and Nantucket in June, for a family wedding and general vacationing, and had a great time.

I spoke on web standards at Refresh San Diego, and on lightweight community process at BarCamp LA 2. I went to WordCamp with Brad; we stayed somewhere really sketchy.

I started tumblelogging and lifestreaming, and launched and Planet Emacsen. I changed blog backends twice, first to WordPress, and then to something home-grown. Along the way I recovered lots of old content and started my series of Irish History in Song posts.