Theresa O’Connor


I've accepted a job with EVDB, the events and venue database.

The big news for me this week is that I've accepted a job with EVDB, the events and venue database, and will be starting there on the 16th of this month. I'm very excited about what this new position has in store for me.

To give you an idea of what exactly I'm getting myself into, here's a quick overview of what EVDB is all about from a post at Silicon Beat:

EVDB is an events search engine. Dear is going to spider the Web for every conceivable event listing he can find and invite the public to add their own events to the database, in an open, collaborative wiki-like style[…]

What qualifies as an event? Most everything, says Dear, who was once a designer for eBay. That includes everything from Little League baseball games and book signings to programming on NPR radio, the next U2 concert and everything in between[…]

Dear hopes to make it easy to get information out of the database. He has plans to allow people to download events to their desktop or mobile calendars. He's building a prospective search feature that will let users subscribe to events that are not yet in the database. And he expects to roll out an API that will allow users to slice, dice and re-use the data as they see fit.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me, but this was a decision with very high opportunity costs either way. I'm sad to be leaving Tomo and have nothing but wonderful things to say about my time here. I'll fondly remember sleeping in the office during Camp Tomo, building coke can pyramids while coding late into the night, the brilliant people doing amazing things.